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My last update was a while back. A lot has happened. I moved from Sony Imageworksin LA to MPC in Canada to work on Man of Steel then flew back to LA and drove to NY to work on Epic at Blue Sky before moving back to California to work for Disney Animation on Frozen, Big Hero 6 and some future projects. I just put my new Tintype site up it has one of a kind tintype images.

Finished Men in Black 3 and am now on Hotel Transylvania until early August.

Currently working on MIB 3 at Sony Pictures Imageworks.

The second teaser for Arthur Christmas is out. (click to watch it) I was able to work on a large chunk of the teaser and lit and composited about 35 seconds worth.

I am currently back working at Sony Pictures Imageworks on Arthur Christmas. Its my first fully CG feature in quite a while and so far its a lot of fun.

After working for Sony Imageworks on Alice in Wonderland I got a job working for Animal Logic in Sydney Australia on a film called Sucker Punch. It was an amazing experience and beautiful country. After wrapping up on the film I was able to take some time to travel to Fiji as well as the entire East coast from Sydney to Cairns ending with a five day live-aboard dive trip to the Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea.

Alice in Wonderland is out and doing very well in theaters. I just got back form a trip to Taiwan and soon I will be headed to Sydney AUS to work for Animal Logic for a few months.

The first shots form Alice in Wonderland were released a day or so ago. Check them out here: Alice First Look

I am working my last couple days on G-Force which was quite an experience. It was the longest I have worked on a film so far, just shy of 9 months of lighting and compositing. I am wrapping up with about 28 shots that I lit and comped and then a few that I helped out on. It was a really hard show at times with some fairly complex compositing but I learned a ton and really feel l improved a lot over the duration of the movie.

My next project starts on 06-01-09 and is Alice in Wonderland directed by the one and only Tim Burton. I am super excited to get started and can't wait to see how it turns out.

Check out my updated demo reel. I added three trailer shots form the G-Force trailers and removed some of the older content.

G-Force has a second trailer out which includes three more shots I worked on. You can see the new trailer on the official Disney site here.

G-Force has a trailer out and it includes my first ever trailer shot. I am excited and hope some other people are as well. Check the trailer out here. G-Force Trailer.

I finished working on Eagle Eye a couple months ago. I think only one shot ended up making it into the final movie. Right now I am working on G-Force which comes out in mid 2009. My demo reel is now updated with work from Speed Racer.

I am now working on Eagle Eye for about a month mostly compositing on a few shots. There is a lot of tracking, retiming, roto type work to be done. So far it has been a good learning experience and nice refresher on using Shake.

New site is live and just about done. Still some small things to work on and some more content to add. If you needed to get to my old site for some reason it is still up for a bit. The address to see it is I will be removing it and pointing that URL to this site in the next couple weeks though.

Work on Speed Racer wrapped up this week. I worked on five different racing shots of Speed and his car. One shot also had Snake in it as well. Speed Racer opens May 9th 2008 so check it out.

Beowulf is over and I am finally able to breathe a bit. It was a fun show but had some long hours. Beowulf opens November 16th 2007 in IMAX and IMAX3D as well as Real-D and other formats.

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